Car Care Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana


Waiting Room, Car Care Center in Fort Wayne, IN
Trust the ASE-certified professionals from our car care center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for all the automotive services you need. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, the team at Tom Steele Tire Service offers the best when it comes to keeping your vehicle performing its best.

Your Source for Affordable Tires

Instead of driving on bald pieces of rubber, make our car care center your source for new and used tires. Our team will help find the right tire to fit your vehicle and your budget.



Determining the Problem

As you drive down the highway, you may notice your vehicle isn’t driving as smoothly as it did when you drove it off the lot. No worries: just bring your vehicle to our car care center for the drivability test. Our knowledgeable team test-drives your automobile to determine the problem. From there, we provide an accurate estimate of the repairs needed, such as engine work or brake service.

Credit Card to Make the Service More Affordable

Make your repair even more affordable with one of our Goodyear® credit cards. You don’t have to pay interest for six months or one year. Just stop by the shop to apply today. We also offer various discounts so you don’t put a hole in your wallet when you need a repair.

Striving to Meet Your Needs

Since our car care center was established in 1979, our team has strived to provide you with quality and timely service in order to meet your needs. We make it a point to maintain a higher level of service than other shops in the area.

Tom Steele & TJ Steele, Car Care Center in Fort Wayne, IN
Save with Our Special Offers
Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our repair services. Contact us to request an estimate for a repair or to schedule a drivability test.

Waiting Room, Car Care Center in Fort Wayne, IN